Response to COVID-19


In light of recent significant changes in the prevention plans for COVID-19, the staff of SLLS seeks to inform our patients and families the following...


We hold our patients health and welfare as our top priority. Local school closures for 3 weeks mean our patients will be without ANY therapy services which results in regression of skills for so many of our patients. Thus, we have determined that it is in our patients best interest for our office to remain OPEN, so we can serve our patients and prevent skill regression while our students are not at school. The risk of exposure to any communicable diseases in our environment is extremely low based on the following:

  • Our small medical clinic provides only 1:1 (individual) medical services with only 1-2 families in our office at a time.

  • We always diligently sanitize before and after ALL patients including frequently touched hard surfaces, toys, and equipment used during the session.

  • We have already completed a deep cleaning of our facility, toys, and equipment. 

  • We are implementing screening procedures which keep our center free from any symptomatic patients and/or patients with any identified exposure to symptomatic people or environments, according to the CDC screening assessment. 

  • Once patients have cleared the screening process, they are directed to wash their hands as usual which is proven to be the best way to keep the germs away!

  • Hand sanitizer is always readily available in all rooms in our therapy center as an added layer of defense against the spread of disease.

  • We ask our patients to call or text to cancel appointments if the patient or a family member has any of the symptoms or exposure potentials identified by the CDC. In this case, we gladly cancel the appointment without a cancellation fee.

Please Note: 

We will apply the cancellation fee for cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice when symptoms are not present in the patient or a family member AND the patient does not have any identified exposure risk. 


If a patient comes to the office with symptoms or posing a health risk to our office, we will cancel that appointment, collect the cancellation fee, and guide the patient in next steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or any other communicable diseases according to the CDC's directions.


We are honored to provide you and your family members with your necessary, medical speech therapy services in our safe, sanitary, medical facility. We look forward to serving you at our office.