Mrs. Liz Sunderman

Office Manager

Mrs. Liz came to us in Fall 2018 as an Administrative Assistant. She welcomed new responsibilities and earned the role of Office Manager. Beginning in 2019, Mrs. Liz added billing as her newest office responsibility. She excels in being detailed and diligent in managing patient accounts. Liz has proven to be dedicated to providing the highest level of care and respect for our families. 


Mrs. Liz is family oriented, as she spends her time as a proud mom of a teenage athletic son. She enjoys watching him play sports for his high school. She has family in Waco, Texas, and makes frequent trips to visit them. She is God and Family centered and a blessing to our Speech Language & Learning Services family.

Mr. Owen Boettcher

Office Assistant

Mr. Owen is Mrs. Tara's oldest son. He is a graduate from Mansfield High School class of 2019. He started working with us to help while our former office manager was tending to her new baby on maternity leave. Mr. Owen continues to assist our patients and office staff when he is not attending college classes at Tarrant County Community College. 

Mr. Owen is interested in repairing and modifying nostalgic video gaming systems. He is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. He has experienced many challenges through his early childhood years. He has overcome Asperger's Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum Disorder) and Speech Apraxia. He is an example of how our children with disabilities can grow to become productive adults.  

Mr. Evan Boettcher & Mr. Aeron Boettcher

Office Assistants

Mr. Evan (left) is Mrs. Tara's youngest son. He attends Mansfield High School, class of 2023. He is our newest addition to our staff. He was officially hired during COVID-19 shut downs to assist with the increased sanitation duties within our office. When Evan was a preschool student, he participated in therapy sessions in our clinic as a peer model for our clients who needed models for behavior and social communication skills. Technically, this is his second time working in our clinic! Evan found his passion in playing soccer. He is a talented rising soccer star with goals to play collegiate level and professional soccer. He is a natural as he was seen kicking anything across the room as a toddler. He started playing organized soccer when he was 4 years old and has never stopped playing. He plays all year long, playing indoor and tournaments during the off seasons. He signed his current select club soccer contract with Dallas Texans, Elite Club National League (ECNL) travel team. He will also play for Mansfield High School Varsity Soccer team this school year (2020-2021.) 

Mr. Aeron (right) is Mrs. Tara's middle son. He attends Mansfield High School, class of 2022. He started working with us when Mr. Owen had work schedule conflicts with his college class schedule in the Fall of 2019. Aeron is interested in mechanics for auto and aeronautical engines. Aeron is a tender-hearted, quiet young man, who is recognized by his school teachers year after year for his good citizenship and caring nature for all people. He likes to serve others by volunteering to help his teachers and his church whenever he is able. In his free time, he can be found playing video games on his X-Box, riding his skateboard, and tinkering with his car. He is the team captain for Mansfield ISD E-sports team for Rainbow 6 Siege.